Interior design

We carry out projects as an interior design studio thanks to a highly experienced professional and qualified team. At our studio we produce both the architectural design of the building as well as its interior design when required. One of our latest projects is linked to the Real Sociedad football team, and specifically its official shop in San Sebastián’s Calle Elkano. Contact our team and ask them about our interior design projects; we have the solution you need.

Instutional entrace

Anoeta - Reale Arena 2020

Hospitality and boxes

Anoeta - Reale Arena 2019

Villa Haizea

Donostia-San Sebastián 2010

This project consists of the renovation carried out on the house going by the name of Villa Haizea, located in the Paseo Doctor Beguiristain, in the Hospitales district of San Sebastián, to give it a modern and singular aspect. The interior renovation involved several changes in the location of different elements, as well as a number of changes in the outdoor aesthetics of the building and improvements to the surrounding land.

The stairway was relocated, moving it from the central area of the house to a less prominent and more unusual position, thereby achieving greater use of the different floors and endowing them with constant natural lighting and ventilation. The idea was to create an open space on the ground floor to communicate the hall, kitchen, dining room and lounge and provide a feeling of unity.

The openings made correspond to the existing windows, striving to give each floor the best possible lighting and ventilation. The west facade, on the ground floor, has a paved area to which an open porch was incorporated, lending greater entity to what is considered to be the main facade.

Important improvements were also made to the surrounding land with its irregular layout, improving its stability, making it flatter and giving it a pleasant appearance by laying the chosen lawn.

Offices in Morlans

Offices in Morlans