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We strive to promote competitive and innovative projects for the design and architecture of office blocks, and for the building of business centres. Sustainability, forward-thinking design and an innovative character define all of our design and architecture projects for companies and office blocks. Our team of professionals will help you to create a customised plan guaranteed to meet your company’s needs.

Real Sociedad Headquarters

Donostia 2019

New offices, terraces, hydrotherapy and dining room in Garatu-Gainditu buildings

Zubieta 2019


Donostia Polígono 27 industrial estate 2011

The Enertic building can be defined as a Cluster or container for housing companies and research centres dedicated to renewable energies and energy efficiency. This enables not only the coming together of companies linked to emerging sectors but also of technology, training and research resources specific to said sector.

Generation of the Enertic building started in the current context of the Polígono 27 industrial estate, a powerful economic driving force in the Donostialdea region. Home to 400 companies, today this estate is however in serious decline and urgently requires new benchmark facilities and images.

This new building was designed with the clear-cut objective of creating a contemporary icon which would lend its image and purpose to generation of the reaction/renovation demanded by the area. The building stands out as an abstract monolith in this industrial environment.

Lehiberri Apattaerreka

Tolosa 2012

The new LEHIBERRI Centre aims to serve as a reference in the Tolosaldea region for promoting competitive and innovative projects. This new Space-Building will be located in the Apattaerreka industrial estate, where some 900 people currently work. The estate stands in the geographic centre of the region, surrounded by nature, on the banks of the Apatta stream.

From the very outstart, the urban context of a plot standing on the edge of an industrial area but bordering the green, rural world suggested a concept or idea of BUILDING/LANDSCAPE.

Donostia Polígono 27 industrial estate 2011

Donostia-San Sebastián 2011

The Special Plan for the Interior Renovation of Morlans Behera proposes two tertiary buildings aligned with the streets of the plan, one of which is this new office block which joins the other building and the block of flats to create an interior square that is permeable, open and guarantees good functioning of the ensemble.

From the very beginning this project was designed to establish a geometric system distinguishing between the office communication hubs to enable a well-ordered, practical construction. The main entrance to the offices stands out for its wood cladding and opens into a foyer, also clad in wood and distributed into two floors.

The facades are light and permeable, with an accentuated structure lending a homogenous appearance to the ensemble combined with projecting elements to provide shade for the building interior. Versatility plays an important role in this construction with its facade modulated into a series of glass and aluminium panels of different opacities and tones, playing with the light depending on the direction of the facade and enabling varied interior compartmentalisation.

Similarly, alternating these panels in different shades of green and transparencies lends flow and rhythm to the facade. With their simple volumetric and gentle lines, the upper storeys of the building are set back slightly to create a pleasant outdoor terrace for the enjoyment of its users.